Salmon fishcakes – no potato

  • 4th February 2018
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salmon fishcakes without potato

Salmon Fishcakes not only without potato but also without a stodgy bread coating.

These Salmon Fishcakes are pretty easy to make and full of both flavour and omega 3 goodness. As you’ll see in the recipe you can make to eat straight away or make to freeze and eat another time.



  • 400g skinless and boned premium quality salmon fillet – buy HERE
  • 1 large organic egg white
  • 2 tbsp spelt flour (you can use ordinary flour, but it isn’t good for us and best minimised in our diet)
  • Small bunch of fresh dill (dried will be fine if you cannot find it fresh)
  • 2 tspn wholegrain mustard
  • 2 tspn freshly squeezed lemon juice
  • 1 tbsp coconut oil or olive oil (used for cooking the fishcakes, best not to use vegetable oil – it isn’t good for us at all)
  • Ground black pepper (best not to use cracked because pieces  are too big and doesn’t distribute evenly in the mix)


  • Prepare the salmon by chopping into small pieces, 10mm cubes maximum and pop in a bowl
  • Add to the salmon: egg white, spelt, dill, wholegrain mustard, lemon juice and season with pepper
  • Mix all these ingredients together in the bowl
  • Shape the mix into fishcakes by hand or use cooking rings to get a uniform shape and size
  • Pop onto a flat dish or plate to chill for 15 mins before cooking (this firms up the fishcakes and should stop them falling apart)
  • At this stage you can also freeze them. Once frozen put them in a bag for storage
  • Once ready to cook… heat the oil in a non stick fry pan to a medium heat.
  • Gently add the fishcakes and turn after 6-7 mins with a fish slice – go easy they are quite delicate
  • They are ready once golden brown on both sides
salmon fishcake mix

Add the ingredients to the salmon and mix thoroughly


These salmon fishcakes will be complimented by a nice fresh peppery salad and roasted sweet potato chips.

You can experiment with adding a crumb coating to these fishcakes. Freeze them first then use egg or olive oil to adhere the crumb. Then pan fry. The crumb coating will bring a nice contrasting crunchy eat to these salmon fishcakes.


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